ok, so I am all over US celebrities (JON HAMM!) loving the Canada garb from the Olympics but it sickens me a wee bit to see them leaving the HBC gift suite with 2 or 3 PAPER bags (this is another pet peeve – why not use the reusable CLOTH bags???) stuffed full of swag when people are lining up for HOURS to pay for it and there is nothing left

like these celebs NEED the stuff?  will they ever wear it again??

sure, give them A sweatshirt or A jacket or A pair of mitts, but 3 entire bags stuffed full??

un peut trop

I was running an errand at lunch today and was struck but just how beautiful this city is. The energy & excitement about the Olympics (4 sleeps!) is amazing – today at least it seemed like the positive was far out weighing the negative. Or maybe that’s just the way my rose-tinted glasses are seeing things.  Whatever.  Below is just a small example of this amazing city’s Olympic spirit – much, MUCH more to come!

OH! Canada

flag in reflection