Scout has her pal Charlie over to play yesterday

Kujo Scout attacks!

Charlie's turn!

KO'd on the couch


and done.



Picture 010

demonstrating why she gets away with what she does



Like I’ve mentioned, I spent a good part of the summer, 6 weeks, back home in Montreal and Knowlton with my family. The reason for us all being there for the summer was of course not a happy one – my mother passed away and we were with her for the last month of her life, caring for her at home.  However, in looking for some bright spots to it all I got to spend 6 weeks 24/7 with my niece, something I absolutely would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.  Since coming back to Vancouver I have had to make do with the pictures Paula sends on a  pretty much daily basis.   Mum’s memorial service is next saturday, September 19, so I will get my live and in person LOLA! fix then.  These were in my in-box this morning – how fabulous is she??

entertaining her fans

entertaining her fans


Charles Dutoit in training

good to the last drop

good to the last drop

My sister and her family participated in the Bike for Betty fundraiser for cancer research this weekend and were the TOP FUNDRAISERS!!  Now I may be wrong, but I am willing to bet that Lola was the strongest member of that team …


lola & mummy with medals

life is pretty craptastic right now – thank GOD for this little angel!

swine flu be damned - I have me some tequila to get to!!

swine flu be damned - I have me some tequila to get to!!