On the bus this morning on my way to work a woman standing down the aisle from me caught my eye – tall, blond hair neatly pulled back in a pony, pencil skirt, good boots, funky swing jacket, fun scarf – she looked great, pulled together, good.  “love her style” I thought to myself  “would like to look like that”

and that’s when it hit me – I used to BE that girl – put together, chic, well-groomed, fashionable, confident

30 or so pounds and several life-crisis ago, that is

well crap, it’s time to go back to being THAT girl

I have a closet full of fantastic clothes – great jackets, funky skirts, chic pants, cute tops – but all 2 or 3 sizes too small – this must change

Lately I have taken to wearing my lulu pants or jeans to work with a sweater or hoodie and my Chucks.  On the one hand, SO LUCKY I can dress like that at the office.  On the other, it has allowed me to become lazy and complacent and not make any effort in getting dressed in the morning.  I have become LAZY.  And COMPLACENT.  My mother would most definitely not approve.

I mean who cares, right? No one is going to see me, what does it matter?

Oh, it matters.  Believe me, IT MATTERS! I need to make that effort again, care about what I put on before heading out the door.  Be the girl people look at and say “wow, she looks GREAT!  what style!” I was that girl and will be again. Soon. I figure by the end of April I can get my act together, drop 2 sizes and be right back in my kicky skirts and flirty tops, feeling good about being ME.

Show the world the best version of me and then the sky’s the limit – there will be no stopping what this girl can do!

will keep you posted . . .

*the fact that the episode of Beauty Call that I filmed a few months ago wherein they (and Whitney Port!) called me FAT (I am a size 12 to 14) in at least 18 different ways on national television has NOTHING to do with this!


So am freshly back from taping the second half, the “reveal” portion of  my episode of Beauty Call – and FUN!  I was actually more nervous about this portion, oddly enough, than I was about the part where I had to be on camera in my underwear.  Because what if it doesn’t fit? Um, hi, BODY ISSUES!!!

At least I know naked fits …

Can you imagine if I got there and NOTHING they bought fit me?  And they were all like “She is so fat how can we be expected to dress THAT??!!”

Well that of course did not happen, though the first dress didn’t fit – same old story, didn’t zip up across the boobs.  Ladies, if you think you want big boobs?  Trust me, you do not.

And it fit, the second outfit did anyway which is kinda good because I really didn’t like the shoes that they got for the first outfit and the bag that came with this one?  TO. DIE.

Love the dress, the shoes are amazing, the bag is wonderful and a funky bangle just for fun. I am totally impressed that they were able to outfit me without even having met me and for it to have worked so well.  Really, really well.

I don’t know if I can say too much about it, though they didn’t tell me I had to keep it a secret or anything.  The same camera and production crew were there and the lovely make-up artiste as well, thank GOD.  really?  I want her to come home with me and “do” my face every day.  LOVE!

It was kind of an odd experience, though a positive one.  I will be very interested to see it all together when the episode airs.  I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the 2 hosts of the show, though I think when it airs it will look as though we did, I think.  Having all of those cameras on me was VERY unnerving and I hope it turns out ok, and that I smiled enough and kept my tummy tucked in enough and stood up straight enough and all that.

Definitively OUT of my comfort zone and that was a goal. Also?  the bag , the bag THE BAG!!!

I will let you all know when it airs (and maybe post a photo of the outfit)

Picture 001

The bag - wish you could feel it - soooooo soft!



Picture 002

the bag, open - love love! LOVE it

Picture 006

the bracelet - not something I would have picked but that's kind of the point - and I love it!

Picture 007

stones are close to the same colour as the dress - goes really well and adds an "edge" to the outfit

Picture 005

The dress! Love it so much - hard to tell from the picture, but it is a wonderful rich green colour - perfect for the holidays!


Picture 004

the details of this dress are so pretty - and flattering! kind of like "Spanx" in dress form, but really, really pretty



You know those “reality” shows where the person goes on, unhappy with themselves or their house or their wardrobe or whatever?  like TLC’s “What Not to Wear” or Britain’s Trinny & Suzanna??  Well Canada’s W Network is launching their own version, hosted by Anna & Kristina of  Shopping Bag and Grocery Bag fame called Beauty Call, and I applied.

And got on.

The first shoot is this coming Tuesday – and I have to appear on camera wearing a black bandeau top and black boy-shorts.

Half naked.



I guess it’s too late to start with the sit-ups … I wonder if I could request a full bar on my ryder???

UPDATE:  I did it today and it was scary but not terrible!  The (ALL MALE!!) camera crew were great and the production team really made me feel comfortable.  I said that this year I was going to do stuff that scared me and took me out of my comfort zone.  This totally qualifies!!  Can’t wait to see what they pick out for me!!  stay tunes …

I had a dream last night that BOTH Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver wanted to give me a restaurant to run as my very own.  In the dream they were both vying for my attention (NOT in a romantic way whatsoever) and kept one-upping each other with what they could offer me.

How fun would that be??

I have always said that if I won BIG at 6/49 that I would open a restaurant to run as my very own.  I already know what local Vancouver chef I want, kind of a location in mind, and the concept is pretty much a done deal – west coast casual yet elegant where one would feel as comfortable eating a grilled cheese sandwich as dining on the very best fillet.  Somewhere I could entertain my friends, explore my culinary creative side and just have a good time.

Like I said, only in my dreams but man it was a good one!!

I was going to write this morning about the hugely idiotic people I encountered this weekend – um throwing empty beer kegs off Cleveland Dam? stupid-head, white suburban 20-something boys are complete and utter idiots and yes, that was me who called the RCMP – that’s our water source you dough-heads!!!!  not to mention the salmon spawning below – and I won’t even go into the whole drinking and driving on a Sunday afternoon idiocy …

right, guess I had to get that out of my system

moving on … to the Golden Globes

I don’t normally watch awards shows beyond the always entertaining parade of fashion at the beginning but last night I did and am not sorry to have done so – so fun!  Here are the ebst bits, according to me:

  • Kate Winslet – EVERYTHING!  her dress (loved and have to have), her obvious adoration of her husband and Leo, the fact that she forgot Angelina Jolie’s name
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Ricky Gervais – drinking a pint onstage – love it!! and he’s simply brilliant
  • Mickey Rourke – not normally a fan (he just looks dirty) but he nearly tripped getting up on stage and he was just obviously so happy (and hammered) it made me smile
  • Bruce – specifically his comment about being in competition with Clint Eastwood
  • the most gorgeous couple of the night – Drew and Jessica – say what you will about Drew’s hair, makeup and dress, I thought she looked fabulous!  and Jessica Lange?  I think maybe the fact that she has a child with that sexy Russian ballerina and has possibly the sexiest play-write EVER as a husband does lots for her confidence – she has actually let herself age appropriately – LOVE that
  • Susan Sarandon and her blatant plea to keep her diamonds (no kidding, I want them too!)
  • Johnny Depp – now here’s something I don’t understand – that woman who won, Sally Hawkins.  First of all, she beat Meryll Streep (??!!) and then she got on stage to be given an award by JOHNNY DEPP and didn’t pay him any attention?  Excuse me???!!! I guess the fact that she obviously hasn’t eaten anything in the past 8 months (that’s some SCARY skinny stuff going on there!!) has addled her brain but good because I can assure you, if given the opportunity I would grope that man like nobody’sbusiness – I mean COME ON
  • Colin Farrell – yum
  • Hollywood Stylists – do they hate their clients? if not and they just truly have no taste then Glenn Close, Renee Zelwegger, Maggie Gyllenhal (among others) you should really fire them – I mean really, here they are working with massive budgets (they all get the dresses for free anyway, no?) and they show up looking like that?  it’s just wrong on so many levels

so yeah, my horrendous mood caused by frequent run-ins with complete and utter IDIOTS this weekend was briefly abated by the grand distraction of the Golden Globes

Happy Monday!

the other night while doing fun stuff like laundry and sweeping the floors for the millionth time (2 dogs = LOTS of fur and other sundry crap getting tracked in to the house …) the television was on in the background and I wasn’t actually paying much attention riveted as I was by the sheer volume of fur that had accumulated in the 2 hours since the previous sweep when an ad for M&M Meat Shops and their “Famous Oriental Party Pack” came on

“Famous Oriental Party Pack”?  Seriously??

THIS is what they were hawking, but the mental image that sprang to mind was way politically incorrect (picture a Chinese take-out container festively decorated and when opened, out pops a veritable fiesta (yeah I know, wrong “ethnic reference”)  of “orientals”)

please don’t send hate emails or lecture me on how wrong and offensive a statement that is – I didn’t write the ad and I’m not the one selling something as a “famous oriental party pack”

but man I made myself laugh out loud – the dogs even thought it was funny!  can you imagine?  I know, I know, straight to hell and all that but it is FUNNY

and then there’s this video from This Hour has 22 Minutes

anyone living in Canada or living anywhere that gets Canadian advertisements on their tv has seen the latest in President’s Choice Christmas ads starring Galen Weston.  Good for him and all that and yes,  their products are good (and they do not use “famous oriental party pack” anywhere …) but this is a very funny and spot-on parody

and yes, I realise that I should get out more and find myself a life out there …

am at home on the couch, 2 of 3 dogs fighting for space on it with me (Charlie the fabulous Springer spaniel with a rad mohawk is visiting), enjoying a kit-kat (diet alert: I DARE you to get bewteen me and my kit-kat today – I tripple-dog dare you!) and surfing the channels

Oxford Blues is on

somebody up there loves me

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