not in this lifetime

You know those “reality” shows where the person goes on, unhappy with themselves or their house or their wardrobe or whatever?  like TLC’s “What Not to Wear” or Britain’s Trinny & Suzanna??  Well Canada’s W Network is launching their own version, hosted by Anna & Kristina of  Shopping Bag and Grocery Bag fame called Beauty Call, and I applied.

And got on.

The first shoot is this coming Tuesday – and I have to appear on camera wearing a black bandeau top and black boy-shorts.

Half naked.



I guess it’s too late to start with the sit-ups … I wonder if I could request a full bar on my ryder???

UPDATE:  I did it today and it was scary but not terrible!  The (ALL MALE!!) camera crew were great and the production team really made me feel comfortable.  I said that this year I was going to do stuff that scared me and took me out of my comfort zone.  This totally qualifies!!  Can’t wait to see what they pick out for me!!  stay tunes …


I got an email from my sister this morning telling me that it was time for a blog update.  But I don’t have anything to talk about, I replied. But then I remembered – I DO have something to talk about:  BAGELS! and it all started with the Pioneer Woman.

I am going to preface this by saying that I am a fan of  her blog, have serious kitchen envy and that this is in no way a criticism of her.

A few weeks back, Ree wrote about her first experience with bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon:   the Pioneer Woman’s first bagel experience

My reaction to that was twofold: 1. how could an adult have never experienced this before and 2. what she pictured on her website in no way resembled what I hold to be an authentic bagel – they looked more like the impostor “buns with holes” that unfortunately run rampant and claim to be bagels (which they are most decidedly NOT!). 

To compound my befuddlement, a few weeks later (like this past weekend), Ree tweeted and then posted about making bagels at home: the Pioneer Woman did it

This was just something I could not fathom.  How* could one make bagels at home?  And, perhaps more importantly, why??

Again, while it looked like she was successful, and judging by the hundreds of enthusiastic and positive comments on her site I guess that she was, the resulting “bagels” did not look like real bagels.  So I did some investigating (read: I googled it) and it seems that it comes down to that age old debate: New York vs. Montreal.

What’s the difference?  According to Wikapedia: definition

Also, Montreal Bagels are the best in the world!

Naturally I come down firmly on the Montreal side of things, as do most people out there, including that bastion of print journalism, the New York Times:  in the NYT!!

What I was surprised by, however, in my google adventure, was the number of people out there requesting recipes to make these fabled delicacies AT HOME!  for $1.99 you can buy a recipe on-line or you can watch a video.

This still leaves me asking WHY?? I love to cook and bake and I certainly love a challenge, but there are certain things I leave to the professionals – like Chinese food and Phylo pastry.

So if you find yourself in Montreal, and really, you SHOULD find yourself in Monteal because it is an amazing city, be sure to go here: St. Viateur, or here: Fairmont, or here:  Mount Royal Bagel Factory.

And if you find yourself  in Vancouver.

*  unless of course she has a wood oven in her kitch, which is of course likely, hence the serious and aforementioned kitchen envy

** in the spirit of full disclosure, I guess I should admit that I have never actually had a New York bagel — but I stand firm in my resolve that MONTREAL BAGELS ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!