hell in a handcart

Apparently I left my wallet in the cab I took home last night (no, I wasn’t drunk, just tired and it was after 7 so the buses weren’t running directly to my house any more)

I didn’t notice because once I got home I didn’t actually need my wallet

Got multiple calls from 604.681.1111 between 2:45 and 3:15 this morning – no voicemail left

Called the number when I actually got up and it was Yellow Cab, but they had no idea why someone from there had called me

Realised my wallet was missing when I went to pay for the bus this morning

The penny dropped

Called Yellow Cab and yes, they had found my wallet – no explanation for the multiple 3 a.m. calls, though

Sent them a notarised letter authorising them to release my wallet to a courier I was sending over

Waiting for it now

What are the chances that the 5 $20 bills that I put in there just before getting into the cab last night are still there?? will let you know


In other news, the house that I live in, and have lived in for 7 years, is on the market, which sucks for many reasons.  Not least of which is OPEN HOUSES!!! 2 this past weekend,  another the weekend before and one this coming weekend.  This sucks because I have to be out of the house for 3 hours each of those days WITH THE DOGS.  Which would be fine if I had a car and could just go somewhere, but I don’t so it’s not exactly convenient.  But I do it and it’s not the end of the world and I am fond of my landlords so will accommodate them.


Last week the agent showed the house on a Wednesday, a day that my dogs are not walked so are at home.  The agent was told NOT to show my suite, which is at the back of the house.  But of course he showed it and of course he then left the doors to my bedroom and bathroom OPEN thus allowing Scout full access.  Goodbye to a purse and thank GOD she didn’t get to the EXTRA-STRENGTH GRAVOL that was in the purse because then?  SHE WOULD BE DEAD!

Which brings us to yesterday – my landlords told me that the house was being shown but not the suite.  I told them that the dogs would be out of the suite in the afternoon on a walk so if they wanted to show it that would be fine.  The did not tell that to the agent and assumed that it would NOT be shown,  Um, no.  It was shown and the doors left open AGAIN – bye bye to another pair of shoes!

Scout is an anxious chewer which is why I keep all doors closed when I am not home – temptation is out of the way.  If I happen to leave something out, that’s my fault.  This is not my fault.

Am I wrong to expect to have the purse and shoes replaced?



I wish you were with me last night — went for tea with a friend  and the weekly meeting of the bitter divorced guys was going on at the table next to us (I say weekly meeting because I have seen the same group there at least 2 other times)

So funny, not to mention completely delusional — last night’s topic of discussion was dating and they are all convinced that they are God’s gift or some such – unless their wallets are disproportionate to their hairlines, they had better start re-evaluating their options! 

according to them all women over 35 are desperate bitches and not worth their time and the young and nubile 20-somethings are BEGGING FOR IT

seriously, better than television!

that said, if this is my dating pool??  GOD help me!

I was walking the girls yesterday afternoon at the park across the way and they both wandered on over to a picnic table to “clean up” after some messy eaters – there was rice or something all over it
whatever, I thought, it’s just food
but when I got over to the table myself to collect the mutts I saw that in addition to the food there was a pack of wooden matches, a vial of herb and a funny-looking leather case, kinda like a pencil case but slimmer
yeah, it was some dude’s weed and other assorted drug paraphernalia
two kids came out of the restroom within a minute or so and were all like “that’s our stuff, get your dogs away from it”
dude, it’s 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon and you left your drug crap out in the open

what is wrong with people??? last week it was bored suburban white kids hucking empty beer kegs over the dam and this week it’s kids of the same ilk leaving their dope out in the open and giving my dogs a hard time for taking a sniff

last I checked I didn’t live in Surrey …