proud to be Canadian!

dude, I'm 11 and just hiked for 3 hours - this is as much enthusiasm as I can do

they better win - look at all the trouble I went to - YOU try putting a hoodie on with no opposable thumbs!!




Picture 010

demonstrating why she gets away with what she does



it’s been one year since a certain puppy entered my life

it’s been one year since someone else left it

it’s been one year since I started my “new” job

it’s been just over one year since my mother had her first tumor removed

it’s been one hell of a year

I am making an effort to find something POSITIVE in this weird and wacky March we are having in Vancouver – at least it LOOKS pretty!!  These were taken by a friend on a walk after work with the mutts last week.

Happy Friday!

good GOD but I'm pretty!
good GOD but I’m pretty!


in response to Lola’s interest in my parents’ dog’s bear (pictures in yesterday’s post), Tully had his lawyer, my father, send the following e-mail:

Doodle (that’s my sister),
Tully just wants Lola to know that the teddy bear is his. Lola may borrow it from time to time but not claim any ownership interest.


me (that’s the official lawyer in him)

staking his claim

staking his claim

I was walking the girls yesterday afternoon at the park across the way and they both wandered on over to a picnic table to “clean up” after some messy eaters – there was rice or something all over it
whatever, I thought, it’s just food
but when I got over to the table myself to collect the mutts I saw that in addition to the food there was a pack of wooden matches, a vial of herb and a funny-looking leather case, kinda like a pencil case but slimmer
yeah, it was some dude’s weed and other assorted drug paraphernalia
two kids came out of the restroom within a minute or so and were all like “that’s our stuff, get your dogs away from it”
dude, it’s 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon and you left your drug crap out in the open

what is wrong with people??? last week it was bored suburban white kids hucking empty beer kegs over the dam and this week it’s kids of the same ilk leaving their dope out in the open and giving my dogs a hard time for taking a sniff

last I checked I didn’t live in Surrey …

CAVEAT:  I am NOT a crazy cat-lady.  For real.  What I am is extremely lucky to have a team of wonderful dog walkers, Micki & Adam, who not only take the mutts on fabulous adventure hikes but who also bake them birthday cakes.  Organic carrot and carob birthday cakes with cream cheese frosting no less!  Here are some shots of last night’s festivities …


well if you're not interested in the cake, says Scout ...

well if you're not interested in the cake, says Scout ...

paws off, little one, it's MINE!

paws off, little one, it's MINE!

mine, MINE I say!

focused ....

such a lady

such a lady

must. get. frosting.

must. get. frosting.



really?  that's it??


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