She has eaten too many shoes to count, including 3 pair of hand-tooled Fluevogs, 4 purses, a lap-top, a $2,500 hand built down filled couch, my coffee table, all the knobs off my armoire, a dozen or so books, my entire design magazine collection, a cell phone, 3 pair of scissors, 2 knives (handles), 2 down-filled pillows – THAT was actually quite funny – feathers EVERYWHERE!

But I love her funny face and she is hands down the best snuggler on the planet – Happy Birthday Scout, let’s hope the terrible two’s were what  got us here . . .


costume 1


in her wagon



Picture 010

demonstrating why she gets away with what she does



Like I’ve mentioned, I spent a good part of the summer, 6 weeks, back home in Montreal and Knowlton with my family. The reason for us all being there for the summer was of course not a happy one – my mother passed away and we were with her for the last month of her life, caring for her at home.  However, in looking for some bright spots to it all I got to spend 6 weeks 24/7 with my niece, something I absolutely would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.  Since coming back to Vancouver I have had to make do with the pictures Paula sends on a  pretty much daily basis.   Mum’s memorial service is next saturday, September 19, so I will get my live and in person LOLA! fix then.  These were in my in-box this morning – how fabulous is she??

entertaining her fans

entertaining her fans


Charles Dutoit in training

good to the last drop

good to the last drop

life is pretty craptastic right now – thank GOD for this little angel!

swine flu be damned - I have me some tequila to get to!!

swine flu be damned - I have me some tequila to get to!!


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