back story:  about 18 months ago I started a new job and right from the get-go the very person who had hired me was conspiring to have me fired – yeah, nice, I know – she would do things like only give me partial information on something and then read me the riot act when I didn’t do it properly;  “forget” to tell me things and then have things seriously FAIL and have it look like it was all my fault; literally bury critical documents and then “find” them at the 11th hour – shit like that – I cottoned on to what she was doing pretty quickly so was sure to always keep a CYA file on hand just in case

oh, and in the first few months we as an office went out for drinks after work – by 7 she was so unbelievable sh&t-faced that she was unable to feed herself – her parents were there – it was embarassing for all – after that what little respect I had had for her was gone

and so things continued

then the market crashed and she, together with another person in our office, started really stirring it up – taking private meetings, plotting the demise of us all, even going so far as to tell our receptionist in confidence and for her protection that she would likely be fired so she should be prepared – we were all walking around on tender hooks and the atmosphere in the office was unbelievably toxic

in the end it was her that left and we heaved a collective sigh of relief – even after I found the file she was keeping on me complete with resumes for my replacement

yeah, good times

anyway … moving on to the present … that was a year ago and things have been great ever since she left

which brings me to last night – I met a friend for a quick drink after work – he was in town for a meeting – another friend of his joined us (I had never met her and for the sake of this story let’s call her A) and after my friend left us two girls stayed and had another cocktail or two – we were the same age, worked in the same field, etc. – you know when you just click with someone??

well we were chatting and the subject of nightmare job stories came up – she shared hers and then I started to share mine – about 2 minutes in she stopped me – “what is her last name?” she asked of my former boss (let’s call her Ms. X) – I told her and she blanched, started to shake and tears welled up – turns out we have a psycho in common!!

about 10 years ago A and Ms. X worked at the same firm and became friends – Ms. X and her then boyfriend owned a house with a suite and asked A to be their tenant – “why not?”, A though – cheap rent, fun land lords, what could go wrong?? – A’s boss warned her not to, warned her that Ms. X was CRAZY but A did not heed the warnings – a few months in things went horribly wrong and Ms. X went completely psycho – so completely psycho that A moved her pets to her boyfriend’s place becasuse she was terrified that Ms. X would do something to them

can you imagine??

anyway, A moved out, Ms. X moved on from the firm (we think fired, but not sure) and they never spoke or saw each other again


A’s physical reaction 10 years later was shocking – and reassuring to me knowing that no it was not me, Ms. X is a complete sociopath and CERTIFIABLY BAT-SHIT CRAZY

and the best part?  I have made an awesome new friend!!