I am flipping between the Grammys (painful, really) and Brothers & Sisters (Rob Lowe, sigh …) and can offer these observations:

  • it has become painfully obvious that I am OLD – I don’t know most of the “music” on this show!
  • Rob Lowe has aged so very well
  • Michael Smith was ROBBED on Iron Chef America – um, what does Anthony Sabato Jr. know about food?
  • Celine Dion CANNOT dance
  • the wig people at ABC need some help
  • Green Day make a Broadway musical cool
  • Micheal Jackson’s kids are very WHITE (un-PC I know, but really? maybe he really didn’t bleach his skin because those children, while gorgeous, are very very white)
  • Leonard Cohen’s lifetime achievement award got a mere mention at the beginning of Pink’s intro – I’m sorry, but Leonard Cohen, poet and songwriter extraordinaire deserves his own televised tribute – if nothing else one of the gazillion covers of hallelujah could have been performed – by Pink even?
  • Rob Lowe is a very handsome man
  • 3-D does not translate on television
  • Adam Sandler just isn’t funny
  • Steve Colbert, on the other hand, IS funny
  • an ice cream sundae (butterscotch) would be quite delicious right now
  • Taylor Swift, sadly, cannot really sing?
  • it’s 11 o’clock so I should really get myself to bed – even if the Grammys aren’t over … really?  how LONG is this thing anyway??

and one last thing – Rob Lowe?  le sigh …