perhaps because I am out here in Vancouver and the rest of my family is in Montreal I feel removed from them – so when I leave them I operate as though their lives will stay and be the same as when I go back – however, of course that is not reality and they continue to lead their lives, changing, progressing etc. – but leaving me behind in a sense – they have relationships separate from me that telephone calls and email just can’t convey

for example, it bothers me quite a bit that my father has a relationship with my sister’s friend Christy and her book club that enables her (Christy, not my sister) to know what one of my father’s favourite books is and I don’t

my father has found a woman with whom he has started a relationship – my mother having passed away only 5 months ago this is very hard for me to accept – I hung up on him Sunday night when he told me – I may understand it, I told him, but I don’t have to like it

maybe if I were there it would be easier for me to accept but because I am not I just want things to stay as they are

make any sense??