I was cruising through my latest Twitter updates and saw this one from Food Network Canada on Fall Pantry Essentials.

Excellent, I thought, clicking on the link, expecting to see all sorts of wonderfuland interesting ideas of what I should stock in my pantry this fall.

Yeah, so I was wrong.  Dead wrong.  Instant hot chocolate mix?  Canned soups, broths and stocks??  Pancake mix?  Salad dressing?  INSTANT stuffing???  and who, please tell me, buys PARMESAN cheese IN BULK?????

I am not a food snob, really, ok well maybe I am, but why encourage viewers of the Food Network to eat sodium enriched cardboard and keep their pantries stocked with same??

For the most part the shows on Food TV Canada serve to educate and expand our views of food as we know it and extol the virtues of the HOMEMADE not the pre-packaged crap that gets sold in, to quote one of my Food Network faves Alton Brown, the MEGA MARTS that plague North America.

Sure, some canned goods are a necessary part of modern life, but really, INSTANT STUFFING?  Who is too lazy to make stuffing from scratch??  Ditto hot chocolate mix and salad dressing.

and the thought of Parmesan cheese in bulk is simply frightening

so tell me, what would YOU put on a list entitled “Fall Pantry essentials”??