Dear random person on the bus:


You are welcome.  As you discovered, that Whole Foods shopping bag contains pretty much one of everything one might need at home that can be procured from London Drugs– toilet paper (the good stuff, Charmin), facial tissue (who are we kidding, KLEENEX), toothpaste (again, the good stuff – Pro-Namel), dish soap, dishwasher soap-pods, Q-tips, Method floor cleaner for hardwood floors, 2 Mars bars, Extra Strength Tylenol and Extra Strength Advil (liquid-gel caps if you please) and 2 boxes of lady things.


I left all of that in a tidy, Whole Foods shopping bag enclosed package, ON THE BLOODY BUS!!!!!


Funny, when I called to see if anyone had turned it in, they had not.


I hope you enjoy my shopping selection and that all of the products are to your liking.


xoxo  me


p.s.  yes, I am a bitter dumb-ass, especially considering that I said to myself when sititng down “self, DO NOT leave this on the bus”