As mentioned many times, I love cooking.  Love reading cook books,  surfing recipe sites, watching the Food Network, reading cooking blogs, etc.  Love all that.  I also love cooking for people, LOTS of people.  Dinner parties, family suppers, you name it.  However, I HATE cooking dinner for myself .  Moreover, I hate thinking of something to cook for dinner for myself, so I sometimes just spend time thinking about what I would havefor dinner if  I could have anything that I wanted.  And then sometimes I cook that, like last night I made myself a spinach, mushroom and goat’s cheese souffle with a mixed green salad.  Yummy



But more often I don’t



Last week I asked a some other people that question:  if you could have anything you wanted for dinner tonight, what would it be?



here are some of the answers …


my father:  Halibut fillets, about an inch thick and pan fried in lots and lots of butter and capers for about five minutes and then five more minutes in a very hot oven, served with spinach and French fried potatoes of the type offered in Le Mas des Oliviers (thick and salted, but not too much). Start the meal with a green salad and delicate vinaigrette and finish with a medium age goat cheese and room temperature Stilton served with a baguette warmed in the oven. The wines would be a  Chablis and a Californian red, not too heavy. All this followed by Espresso with a couple of 80% dark chocolate truffles. 



my friend Sue:  A pile of hot wings with lots of Ranch and 3 or 4 beers!!!  Mmmm…and only 5000 or so calories too! 


Julia, a new mum: someone to cook it for me (funny, this was a VERY common response!) 


my mum:  a plate of roasted vegetables on a bed of fresh pasta with goat cheese on top…. 


my friend Kathleen:  Whitefish as DB Bistro Moderne did it three weeks ago for a special – lightly sauteed on a bed of blanched vegetables and white truffle sauce.  For the appetizer, beet salad with goat cheese.  For dessert, that tequila souffle we had at Chambar (which was AMAZING!). 


my brother-in-law, Marcus (a vegetarian): a rib-eye with a side of ribs – ha ha!

and my favourite answer, mainly because she is vegetarian, deathly allergic to eggs and has major lactose issues (and because my mother & I so called it)


 my sister, Paula aka Lola’s mum:  Eggs Benedict with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and a side of Rocco’s (owner of our fave restaurant in Montreal) carbonara, and for dessert I would have sugar pie from the Alpine Inn (in the Laurentians) and tartufo!