I was in Montreal for the weekend and while there attended a funeral for a dear friend, taken from us far to soon, the wake which followed, which may or may not have ended with my bestest girlfriend and me being driven home by Montreal’s finest with our arrival in the police mini-van (doesn’t have quite the same ring as paddy wagon, does it?) being witnessed by her 17 year old daughter arriving home at the same time (have I mentioned that this was at 4 a.m.??), 2 awesome family gatherings with all of my paternal cousins and their various offspring, a Sunday afternoon Habs game and my favourite aunt’s 65th birthday celebration

also, TONS of Lola time

as full weekend indeed!

this picture of my dad & me is my favourite of the weekend – truly speaking a thousand words as we watch the beautiful film my sister put together of my aunt’s life so far … the love of family