Some  friends and I were discussing an interesting (to me anyway) development as a result of the growing popularity of re-usable shopping bags – the status symbol-ness of it all.  In a world of $20K Hermes Birkin bags the new “it” bag seems to be the readily available and often FREE re-usable shopping bag – so long, of course, as it comes from the “right” store …

and then there was the near-pandemonium caused by not a plastic bag

myself I have a collection of WholeFoods (at $0.99 to $1.25 per), Lulu Lemon (FREE!!) and other various and sundry retailers like the liquor store, book shops and the like

but would I carry a re-usable bag from Walmart?  likely not

here’s my question:  why have the luxury retailers not jumped on this trend??  Holt Renfrew, for example, still uses their trademark fuchsia PAPER shopping bags in all sizes.  How fabulous would a cloth version of that bag be?  They should really follow Lulu’s example and give them out for free – I mean if I am dropping that kind of dough the least the Westons can do is spot me the cost of a fabric bag. 

So Mr. Weston, now that you are done with promoting your Christmas delicacies for President’s Choice, which store, by the way,  DOES have great re-usable shopping bags, it’s time for your other store to follow suit and start producing what is sure to become the ultimate in ladies-who-lunch-but-are-enviro-conscious-to-a-point-anyway-so-long-as-it-doesn’t-inconvenience-me status symbol