We woke up yesterday morning, New Year’s Day, with no hangover (a result of being in bed at 10 the night before after a scrumptious dinner of tea and toast with honey) and six inches of fresh snow on the ground so the mutts and I headed out for our first walk of 2009.  And what a walk it was!  Running and jumping and snowball chasing and porpoising through the snow (the dogs, NOT me) and lots of new year greetings to those other souls up and about and reveling in the beauty of our collective backyard.  And then Griff (the white lab spending the next couple of weeks with us – a “paying customer”) decided to go on a little walkabout of his own.


Now he is known to do this on occasion but never has with me.  Great, I thought, what a perfect way to start the new year – loose a bloody dog. Anyway, I brought the other two home and went off in search of Griff. 


There were kids tobogganing in the park across from where we were walking so that was the logical place to start (and let’s not even talk about the fact that he would have had to cross a MAJOR street to get to it …).  I asked the first person I saw if he had seen a white Labrador running around.  “A white dog in this snow?  Not likely”


No need for sarcasm, asshole


Then his kid piped up “Dad, we just saw that dog running up the road”


Thanks kid and off I went.


Got to the (STEEP) road and saw Griff about half-way up – the dog-finding angels were obviously on my side.  I saw him head in to a driveway where two men were shoveling snow.


“GRIFF!!!!  GRIFF!!!  GGGGGRRRRRIIIIIFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I yelled to absolutely no avail.  So I tried yelling to the men to please grab him.


Nothing.  No response, no reaction, no acknowledgement to even having heard me.


I got up to almost their driveway to see Griff walking up the hill even further (FUCK!)


“did you see a white dog in your driveway?”  I asked


“um, nope”




“did you hear me yelling?”


“um, nope”


I kept walking and got him at the next driveway.


On the way back down the two apparently deaf gentlemen commented “oh, you found him” and “we didn’t hear you yelling for us to grab him – we were talking to each other”


I’m sorry and please forgive me but I just couldn’t help myself  “if you didn’t hear me, how did you know that I asked you to grab him?”


Funny, they didn’t have an answer for that


And again, I’m sorry but I REALLY couldn’t help myself and I continued “you see a woman running up the street yelling her head off and you do NOTHING?? You don’t even pause to see if there might be something going on?? You two are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with society – you just don’t give a shit about anyone but yourselves and refuse to get involved.  Happy New Year”


And home we went.


I was seething mad, and not at Griff for running away.  He’s a dog and that happens.  He was safe and happy and that’s what matters.  What I was (and still am) so angry about was the complete and utter lack of compassion, empathy and concern these people in my neighbourhood had for anyone.  And it became abundantly clear exactly how a woman can be raped in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people and no one would do anything to help or stop it.


Happy New Year