2008 has been an interesting year and one that I, quite frankly, cannot wait to see the back-end of.  Through all the travails of this year however, the true value of friendship has never been more prevalent.  Thus I present you with what I have learned this year about that important-most relationship in life:


  • Friends do not pass judgment but do hold up reality mirrors
  • Friends call you up sincerely wanting to know how YOU are (and not simply to further their own agendas)
  • Friends listen to you lament lost loves even when this may be the third or fourth time this particular love has been lost and never utter “I told you so”
  • Friends don’t say “I haven’t heard from you in 6 months, you bitch”, they simply say “hi”
  • Friends know that when you want to be alone you actually mean it and aren’t being self-centered or dramatic
  • Friends do not dismiss your fears
  • Friends do not discount your feelings
  • Friends do not judge you on the opinions of others, rather they make their own and stand by you
  • Friends don’t consider distance to be an obstacle
  • Friends give second (and third, fourth and fifth) chances
  • Friends laugh with you and at you when appropriate
  • Friends forgive
  • Friends understand when life sometimes gets in the way
  • Friends are critical to your sanity and survival
  • Friends are the family you make – trite as that may sound
  • Friends just know
  • Friends don’t play the one-up game (for real, anyway)
  • Friends love