the other night while doing fun stuff like laundry and sweeping the floors for the millionth time (2 dogs = LOTS of fur and other sundry crap getting tracked in to the house …) the television was on in the background and I wasn’t actually paying much attention riveted as I was by the sheer volume of fur that had accumulated in the 2 hours since the previous sweep when an ad for M&M Meat Shops and their “Famous Oriental Party Pack” came on

“Famous Oriental Party Pack”?  Seriously??

THIS is what they were hawking, but the mental image that sprang to mind was way politically incorrect (picture a Chinese take-out container festively decorated and when opened, out pops a veritable fiesta (yeah I know, wrong “ethnic reference”)  of “orientals”)

please don’t send hate emails or lecture me on how wrong and offensive a statement that is – I didn’t write the ad and I’m not the one selling something as a “famous oriental party pack”

but man I made myself laugh out loud – the dogs even thought it was funny!  can you imagine?  I know, I know, straight to hell and all that but it is FUNNY

and then there’s this video from This Hour has 22 Minutes

anyone living in Canada or living anywhere that gets Canadian advertisements on their tv has seen the latest in President’s Choice Christmas ads starring Galen Weston.  Good for him and all that and yes,  their products are good (and they do not use “famous oriental party pack” anywhere …) but this is a very funny and spot-on parody

and yes, I realise that I should get out more and find myself a life out there …