When I was a kid my mother had a note-pad with this post’s title watermarked.  I didn’t really see the humour then (I was 7) but boy do I now!!  We are day 2 in to December and already I feel like murdering kittens (not really, I would NEVER, EVER do that in a million trillion years) but you understand the sentiment.  To that end here is my list of grievances thus far – I am certain there will be plenty more …


  1.  driving a ridiculous TANK in the downtown core does not give you license to run lights
  2. why does bringing my own bag when I go shopping result in the immediate suspension of customer service, except for at Whole Foods???
  3. walking while texting is NOT ok
  4. saying “thank you” when the door is held for you is a good idea
  5. further to No. 4, I am NOT a doorwoman in training, FYI
  6. I don’t care to listen to your “music” (and I am being generous in calling it that) from across the aisle on the bus at 7:30 a.m. – TURN IT DOWN!!!
  7. “Happy Holidays” is NOT the same as “Merry Christmas”, trust me
  8. another election?  Are you serious?? Did you see what happened to the TSX yesterday??? Learn to play nice, gentlemen
  9. before you cry poor and explain that there will be no party or bonus this year, at least have the decency to hide that new Burberry bag (and matching wallet) you just bought
  10. there is a reason that they call it a line, Dill-Hole, get to the end of it!!!!!

Thankfully it T-13 days until the lovely Lola Paige and family arrive in town!