Looking back at my last post should offer some insight as to why I have been absent these past 6 weeks or so – SOMEONE broke my laptop and so I have not had access to a home computer (and blogging at work is just WRONG).  To sum up,  Scout decided to use the computer power cord as a chew-toy, damn near electrocuted herself and pulled the computer off the table on to the hard floor.  Sadly the verdict is RIP as it would cost almost as much to fix it as it would to buy a new and better one.  However, as previously indicated, funds around these here parts are a tad tight so the new computer will have to wait …

On top of that I have been dealing with some family health issues.  Back in March my mum had a tumour removed from her bladder and it turned out to be malignant.  The doctors were not that concerned, though, and were pretty certain that they had got it all.  When she went back in for her 3 month check-up this summer they found that the tumour had come back, only this time it was bigger.  They got her right in to the hospital and removed it.  This time, however, the prognosis was not as good and after a series of scans, tests and lots of poking and prodding they decided that their best (and only) option was to operate again and remove the whole works. 

she got this news the day after her 65th birthday

Mum had her operation last Thursday and is doing amazingly well.  I saw her the morning after and while tired and uncomfortable, she looked great.  Every day she gets better and we are hoping to have her home this Friday.

I have always thought that my mother had super-human powers and watching her come through this has just reinforced that belief.  She truly is an amazing woman.

And then there’s Lola – I finally got to meet my niece and she is an angel!  You know how they say God sends us angels to help us through hard times?  I truly believe that he has sent Lola to us to be our bright spot.  She laughs and giggles and smiles and flirts and is all around perfect.

So that’s pretty much it – I am shuttling back and forth between my parents’ house and the hospital and trying to catch up with friends and family while I do it.  Which reminds me – it’s at times like this that you really know who your friends are. The outpouring of love and support that we have had since this whole thing began has been nothing short of amazing.