Confession:  I am sitting on the couch, enjoying a lovely glass of Burrowing Owl 2002 Cab Franc and watching HAPPY DAYS! 

I have 3 different personal email accounts and 2 work ones – I get A LOT of spam.  Some amusing, some moronic, some I have no idea as it comes written in “wing-dings”.  But while somewhat annoying, it is easy to get rid of:  DELETE

But then there’s the fax spam – that’s spam of a completely different ilk.

Every morning I get to the office and there is a stack of it waiting for me in the fax machine – advertisements mostly, for travel agents, professional courses, auctions, office furniture, cruises, etc.  I have started keeping track and we are averaging 17 pieces per morning and between 15 and 20 throughout the day.  That’s A LOT of paper, not to mention toner.  Which, if you work in an office or have a printer at home, you know ain’t cheap

and what of all that paper?  all of those dead trees??  it’s just so wrong

I have tried “unsubscribing” multiple times and it doesn’t work – still the spam comes

I don’t have any pithy ending to this little diatribe, just wanted to put it out there