According to animal control, Scout is responsible for the dog attacking her – apparently she provoked the other dog by daring to chase after its ball

And I am an irresponsible dog owner for allowing this to happen

That’s right, allowing your dog to chase a ball not their own in a dog park is WRONG

Picked yourself up off the floor yet?  good, so have I and I am PISSED!!!

Yes, our friendly neighbourhood animal control officer called me this afternoon to inform me that Scout provoked the attack by chasing the ball and I suck because I let it happen

However, after an assessment of Chelsea, the dog who attacked Scout, they also determine that she is aggressive, ESPECIALLY AROUND TOYS and should be on leash at all times.

But it’s still Scout’s fault

And I still suck as a dog owner

Chelsea’s owners have yet to even so much as say they are sorry

Here’s the thing – they live around the corner from me.  I don’t know exactly where because I was prevented from looking at the dog’s tags, but I do know what street they live on. Also, I have not worked in litigation these past 10 years or so for nothing.  As far as I am concerned they should, at the very least, pay for Scout’s vet bill. 

So, Mr. & Mrs. B$@*, of Clements Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia – owners of the chocolate lab cross dog named Chelsea who attacked my 6 MONTH OLD PUPPY LAST SUNDAY AUGUST 10, 2008, you can be sure that you will be hearing from Scout’s lawyers – and they are GOOD.

(and you SUCK!!!)