I spoke to Animal Control today and they advised taking pictures of the patient in case there is any issue over what happened to her or about the extent of her injuries

the drain

the drain

they took down my information and what I had on the other dog and they were able to find the owners’ name, address, etc. within minutes – of course they didn’t give that to me, but at least I know that they know who is responsible

¬†this is the end of day three and she is NOT liking being leash-restricted and not being able to play with her friends one bit – her energy is back and she bumbles around the apartment looking all pathetic and making a HUGE production over not being able to pick up her toys – she has seriously mastered the “oh woe is me” look and I fall for it each and every time – my heart breaks when I think about what happened to her

thanks to everyone for the comments and emails and happy thoughts

the little patient is a trooper and is doing really, really well

and most importantly, she’s really rocking that cone, no??