Scout was attacked at the park this morning – emergency surgery and $1,000 later, we are home and the little one is whimpering on the couch beside me
Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been that scared!!  the sound that came out of her after she was attacked was unlike anything I have ever heard before!
all over a ball – Scout got to it first and the dog just attacked – a lab/pitbull cross – and I in no way blame the breed, it’s the owners
who also happen to be out of town and the people looking after the dog don’t seem to know much about her
her owners are back Friday – the man whose son it was looking after Chelsea (the other dog) told me that he would talk to the owners but that he was himself going out of town for 2 weeks so this will likely have to wait until September
I will be dealing with Chelsea’s owners on Saturday and at the very least they will be paying the vet bill in its entirety
Also?  he hasn’t even apologised
I am still shaking from it all and poor little wee Scout is still crying – I really hope that this doesn’t make her afraid of other dogs now
so, how was YOUR Sunday??