have I ever mentioned here that I have quite possibly the awesome-est landlords on the planet??  well I do

example:  tonight they had an extra ticket for Feist at Deer Lake Park and asked me to go along


gorgeous summer night, outdoor concert, fun music, what’s not to love about that? 

what’s NOT to love:  the long lines to get in, the long lines to get a bracelet to allow you in the long line to buy a ticket to allow you in the long line to buy a beer (we passed), the LONGER lines to get something to eat/drink, the people standing up right in front of you through the entire show – it’s a park, everyone is on blankets, SIT THE F**K DOWN!!! – the cigarette smokers EVERYWHERE, the pot smokers EVERYWHERE including the big dirty hippie, dreadlox to the waist with rocks hanging off them right in front of us – excuse me, but we have a 3 year old with us and there is a blanket covered in 10 year old girls right beside – do you absolutely have to smoke that joint right there??, the bugs and the fact that the concert lasted less than an hour

that’s what’s NOT to love about the Feist concert at Deer Lake Park

what was to love was Feist herself – she sounded great and the music was fab and I am sure if  were 20 years younger and sitting up at the front in my maxi-dress and flip-flops with my sensitive and supportive modern male swaying with me to the music it would have been near nirvana

as it is,  I am just happy to be home