this may or may not have happened in Victoria in the last little while

one of the girls at the office told us a story this afternoon – a friend of a friend of a friend was asked to house/dog sit for friends.  Before they left they told he that the dog was old and it was possible that he would not make it through the weekend.

This is where I cut in the first time – “they thought there was a possibility that their dog would not make it through the weekend and they still went  away??  I DO NOT like them”

carrying on …

as predicted, the dog passed away and this friend of a friend of a friend (we’re going to call her Sally from here on) called the vet as instructed who in turn told her to bring the dog in to be properly tended to.

Simple enough, right?

Apparently not.  seems Sally didn’t have a car so instead stuffed Fido in a suitcase (Fido was a golden retriever, BTW) and got on the bus.

Seeing the comely Sally struggling with the heavy and unwieldy suitcase, Buddy, who was also boarding the bus, chivalrously helped Sally lug Fido up and on. 

Once situated, Buddy asked Sally :”why is that suitcase so heavy?”

Not wanting to freak anyone out, what with there being a dead dog in the suitcase and everything, spun a tale about how she was moving and that the case was carrying her laptop, cd’s, etc.

Turns out Buddy and Sally got off at the same stop and, not wanting to let on that she had been lying, they walked together for a spell and Sally continued with her ruse.

Until they got to an alley.

and he punched her in the face.

and ran off with the bounty.

now what do you think – is this story true or false??

me?  I’m still pissed that the owners went away knowing that their precious Fido may or may not have died hile they were away

they SUCK!

and as for Sally – has she never heard of taxis??