I was out this evening walking Maggie & Scout and, it being summer and all, the neighbourhood kids were out playing in the street

“DO-OVER!” one of them yelled – they were playing “champ” I think – man I miss playing champ out on the street … and hopscotch and trip and skipping and soccer-baseball …

but I digress

DO-OVER! – wouldn’t that be nice?

“oops, didn’t like how that answer came out. DO-OVER!”

“shit, I really shouldn’t have had that last glass or 6 of wine last night.  DO-OVER!”

“um, right, well, I really didn’t mean to say that. DO-OVER!”

and that last boyfriend?  major DO-OVER!

if I could get the world on board with the universal DO-OVER! combined with the portable and all-functioning “UNDO” key (my personal fave) this whole navigating through life would be a whole lot easier, don’t you think??