Maggie, Scout and I were out for our regular Saturday walk this morning and came across a small crowd of people and their dogs – humans standing in a circle and dogs racing around

Of course my two joined in in the fun and of course everyone was exclaiming over how cute Scout is.  At this point Maggie chose to jump up and land a muddy paw print on one of the ladies’ hoodie – oops!

Of course I apologised immediately but man was she pissed – death looks and everything.  She muttered “it goes in the wash” but she was looking at me and at Maggie like we were the devil incarnate.  I apologised AGAIN and one of the other women laughed and said “it’s all part of dog walking”

thank you and no kidding

This woman was there with her husband and son and their puppy – a Bernese/Pyrenees/Retriever called Geneva.  Scout and Geneva immediately started wrestling so naturally we all started waling together – puppies happily playing and Maggie trotting nicely beside me.

The bitch-woman kept stopping and calling her dog away from Scout and brushing the offensive mud off her sweatshirt in disgust.  I mean really, is that the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

I tried making polite conversation, asking about their puppy (who was adorable and HUGE – at 4 months already towering over Maggie) but she kept on being a bitch and calling her dog away – I guess she didn’t want it associating with a dog who was walking with a dog who had the gall to lay a muddy paw on her.

But the puppy?  The puppy (not to mention the kid) had that look of someone whose parents are too uptight and who dresses them in immaculate outfits and makes them sit nice and not get dirty when you know all they really want to do is rip off the offensive clothing and jump in mud puddles.

you KNOW what I am talking about, right??

I had finally had enough so called Scout to me, telling her (admittedly louder than required) that the lady obviously didn’t want her to play with her dog.

As I quickened our pace and walked away, I swear I could hear her husband snicker.