I just got home (ok, maybe a half hour ago) from a private screening of Sex and the City, complete with cosmopolitans, (cheap) champagne and BAD fashion (the other guests, not on the screen), and am not quite sure how I feel about it.  No, actually I DO know how I feel- I would have been happier watching it in my living room, in my lounge wear with puppies at my feet.  It just seemed somehow wrong to be watching Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha et al on the big screen.

Of course the fashion was wonderful – clothes porn really (I need to own those gladiator sandals SJP wore throughout most of the film), the plot was even ok, if a tad predictable.  It just seemed to loose some of the, well warmth, for lack of a better word, that the television series had. 

And I cried – I cried A LOT – when Steve confessed to cheating, when Big jilted her at the alter, when Carrie was drinking the vodka, when Samantha fed her, when Charlotte found out she was pregnant – I cried in public and I am not a crier – particularly not a PUBLIC crier. 

maybe it’s the mood I’m in or maybe it’s hormonal or maybe it’s my own current rawness from the events of the past few weeks or maybe it’s a lethal combination of all three combined with cheap champagne and free popcorn and twizzlers, but the floodgates opened up.

of course I cheered LOUD when Charlotte banished Big from their Limo …

so yeah, it was a good movie and I will likely buy the dvd when it is released.  but honestly?  I would rather they had brought the series back to the small screen – where it really belongs – in my living room

oh, and I won a sizable gift certificate for a local watering hole as a door prize

but what made me really smile?  when I got home there was much evidence of “puppy pandemonium” but also lots and lots and lots of puppy love and kisses