I woke up this morning 40 years + 1 day old

and but for the slight headache from a wee bit too much wine, I feel great

I had a wonderful day yesterday, help in no small part by the fact that I have an amazing family and fabulous friends!

here’s how my day went:

slept in until 7:30 (hey, when you usually getg up at 5:30 during the week THAT is  a huge sleep-in, and besides, I had things to do!) and opened presents that had been delivered – cashmere from my mother (of course), a dvd movie of my life from my sister (I am trying to figure out how to imbed it in this post, stay tuned), a cordless drill and, wait for it, A PINK ARTISAN KITCHENAID STANDING MIXER

yes, I cried

then I went to my first spa appointment of the day – mani/pedi at the Hotel Vancouver.  Now I get this done on a pretty regular basis but at the cheap place on the corner.  You know, the $50 for both variety.  Now I know why people pay the BIG BUCKS (I didn’t as it was courtesy of a gift certificate). It was amazing!!!  and the best part? the BEST part was when two of my girlfriends showed up with 6 mini cup cakes and a glass of Blasted Church Pinot Gris- at 11:30 a.m.  and yes, of course I drank it – it was my birthday!!

the it was lunch with the girls before heading on to the next spa appointment (stopped in at home to find the other present from my parents – my dad had one of his family crest cufflinks made in to a pendant for me.  I cried. again)

the next spa appointment was a 1 1/2 hour signature massage at Spa Utopia courtesy of yet another girlfriend and that was a little piece of heaven

home again for Kir Royales and a viewing of my movie – two flower deliveries had arrived while I was out, again GORGEOUS! – then we were off to dinner at Lift, which was amazing.  We were on the deck and it was a gorgeous night.  Lots of yummy cocktails and delicious food – our lovely waitress bought me an amazing glass of red wine t go with my steak frittes and I really wish I could remember what it was but I can’t so I will have to go back and find out – and one of my bestest friends called my from Sydney, Australia at the restaurant so I felt a bit like a rock star.

It was a truly amazing day and I have truly amazing friends and family.

Turning 40?  I highly recommend it!