so yeah, I’m turning 40 this week – specifically on Friday

happy happy joy joy (channeling my inner Wren & Stimpy)

I have this fabulous friend, Jocelyn, and her best quality is that she is ever so slightly (or maybe NOT so slightly) crazy

certifiable even

but that makes her super fun and one of my most favourite people in the universe

seriously, this girl can make cleaning sewage lines seem like the BEST. THING. EVER. to do on a Saturday night

in honour of my 40th birthday she has been sending me numbered letters, containing very random and hilarious things

I suspect there will ultimately be 40 of them – to date I have received the following:

1. a barf bag from her flight to San Diego “got this card special for you on the flight down to San Diego – Happy Birthday Lady! xo me”

2.  a promo tent card for Red Bull Air Race May 3 & 4 “Happy Birthday consider this your 2nd present – it folds together for a really nice decoration. xo me”

3.  a mothers’ day promo tent card for Ben Moss Jewelers “Happy Birthday enjoy your jewelry xo me”

4.  a Papas & Beer bumper sticker (I don’t have a car, or drive for that matter) “I knew you always wanted a sticker (papas = chip, french fry) Happy b-day :)”

5.  a pack of Excel Inferno gum “must shove all in mouth at same time H.B.D.”  (written on the back of her business card

6.  a spiderman lanyard  ” ’nuff said ”

7.  a groovy multi-coloured pencil finger grip “finger grip for your pencil or someone’s very veeery small (drawing of a penis) xo  Happy Birthday”

8.  a copy of Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide “this is not just any old Canada food guide … it was my placemat I used when eating my big mac xo Happy Birthday”

9.  a note pad from the Gaslamp Plaza Suites in San Diego “Happy Birthday Kate Casey!  Do you realize that we have been friends for 21 years!  Holy crap!!  Hope u have use for this lovely little pad xo me”

10.  a tissue “for emergencies”

11.  a card with a yellow lab pup on the front “It’s your birthday” and on the inside ” couldn’t you just pee from the excitement?”  “sllllluuuurp!  Happy Birthday Kath!  xo me”

12.  a golden retriever puppy photo card written entirely in dog-speak ” ruff ruff ruff ruff … ruff ruff  ruff ruff ruff ruff … ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathryn ….. ruff ruff ruff ruff … ruuuuuff ruuuff! xo me

13.  a business card from a mental health professional (???)

14.  a package of sparklers “need I say more … again  wasn’t sending 40 either”

15.  paint chips – desert spice and almonds & honey “Happy Birthday couldn’t decide which one to give you … so you get both! xo me”

16.  a t-shit tag OLD GUYS RULE “sorry, had to give the shirt to Carson’s (her BF) dad , Carson.  But this is a really cool tag you could wear Happy Birthday xo moi”

17.  $0.05 Canadian Tire Money “please put toward your very own patio set with BBQ.  You will have to figure out where to put it”

this means that ther are 23 more letters to come … and have I mentioned how each letter has been addressed slightly differently?  left hand, drunk, French, funny names, weird illustrations

yes, this is indeed fun!!!

p.s.  if you are wondering where to send the Pink Kitchen Aid Artisan Standing Mixer that you got me for my birthday, email me: 🙂