last we spoke someone had decided that he had “made a mistake” and was not keeping the puppy

before he left on Wednesday I told him not to make the decision right away, to take a few days to think about it and then re-evaluate

so he did – when he got back to town Friday night he came by and took her home with him

(there was a bit of a scene that occurred with me, having been completely blindsided by him bringing his son along, something I did not know was going to happen, and I might have been a bit bitchy as a result – suffice to say that it was truly awful)

he called Saturday afternoon to arrange a playdate with Maggie and to update me on puppy status – he was glowing about her and how fabulous she is and how great she was doing, etc.

upshot?  he was keeping her

I couldn’t join them on the playdate but told him to feel free to come up and take Maggie out for a bit of a romp – which worked for me, too, as I was going out and this way the princess got out again and he could feed her, etc.

so you can imagine my surprise when, a few hours later, while I was en route to a friend’s b-day bbq, he called to say that he had had a long talk with his son and that they had decided that they were NOT going to keep the puppy and that she was mine if I wanted her


after telling him that I really couldn’t discuss ths right now, he went on to tell me that he woudl keep her for the weekend and bring her to me Monday morning

again, &^%$@!!!!!!!!

so I went out and proceeded to drink way too much gin, eat way too little food and got my sorry little self home way too late

and I may have sent a drunken text message or two eight


but I digress, back to the puppy – we talked again this morning, this time at length and in more detail and while having a puppy right now, especially given the fact that I am starting a new job Tuesday morning, is NOT in the plans, she is coming to me tomorrow morning

we still have lots to talk about and sort through, not the least of which being the fact that this puppy seems to be the perfect metaphor for our relationship (the whole loves the idea of the puppy but not the reality of her, rushing in to things without thinking or caring about the consequences, wanting her only when it is convenient for him, etc.)

but in the meantime what I know is this:  a new little puppy is joining our family and her name will be Scout

photos to follow, I promise …