so we picked up the puppy on Saturday afternoon and fell in love instantly!  she has been staying with me a lot since then and I have to say she is quite an amazing little puppy – considering that she was rescued off a reserve a few weeks ago, flown in from Calgary Thursday night and brought to the mainland on the ferry Saturday afternoon, she is settling in just fine

as far as I am concerned anyway

the fact that I am off this week has worked out well in terms of adjustment time for the little one – she hung out with Maggie and me Saturday night, the 5 of us (Maggie, Logan, my friend, his son and me) went for a long walk on Sunday and she has been dropped of with me early each morning and picked up after work in the evening each day this week

we three have gone on long walks, learned to use a leash, had coffee, played with all sorts of other dogs and people and have been having a perfectly wonderful time

again, she is an amazing little puppy, but we must remember that she is a PUPPY 

this morning my friend dropped her off and she is staying with me until Friday as my friend has business out of town – and then he dropped the bomb:

“I’ve made a mistake”

he has decided not to keep her and now we have to find her a new home

he has a long list of resons, not least of which is that he is claiming to be “allergic” to her – itchy, swollen hands and arms, hives, etc.

he is NOT allergic to the dog – he is  allergic to commitment and I want to strangle him

the speech he gave about why he can’t keep her was eerily similar to that which he gave me the first time he broke my heart

in the meantime, the little love is with me and will remain with me until we find her a new home ( you know I want to keep her)

I see an absolutely amazing birthday present in my sister’s future …