Today is my last day at my current job and I am feeling rather conflicted – I’m not leaving because I hate my job or the people I work with or the work I am doing; an amazing opportunity came my way and so I took it. 

Being the kind of person I am I have been working extra hard, making sure that everything is in perfect order for when I leave.  Also, the reality that I am indeed leaving has hit management and so my workload has been rather HUGE, getting all loose ends tied up, getting all information from my wee brain, etc. so I haven’t even had time to think about the new job.

This time I have taken a week in between gigs to next week will be spent breathing.  It’s kinda weird, actually – next week I am technically not employed by ANYONE.  What a nice feeling (though I suspect it would not be so nice if a. I didn’t have a stockpile of vacation pay to live on and b. didn’t know that it was only for the one week)

so it’s with rather mixed emotions that I am leaving one adventure and embarking on another

I am sure there is a panic attack in my future …

Happy Friday!!