I think I have mentioned that I am helping a friend look for a dog – older, female, non-shedding, “rescue” in case anyone knows of any looking for a fabulous new home.  To that end I check out the humane society, rescue society, etc. websites pretty regularly. 

This morning I came across the following ad posted on www.kijiji.caoops, made a mistake (ok, so maybe I made up the tile, but you get the gist). 

Once I got over the unbelievably poor grammar and spelling, not to mention on what planet is the dog in the photographs a Husky, I focused on the nature of the ad itself.  “Yeah, we had a dog but then decided to move and couldn’t take the dog with us so we sold it and now we have decided that yeah, we really do love the dog and are not moving so, like could we have it back?  Because we are really good people and don’t look at pets as being dispoable or anything.”

So I did some investigating (and before you get impressed with my Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden sleuthing skills, there is a function that shows you all other ads posted by the same person) and found the following:

4 puppies for sale

chihuahua puppies

Obviously these people are puppy brokers and there is a very special place in hell waiting just for them.

Happy Friday one and all!

UPDATE:  I couldn’t help myself and sent the above mentioned puppy broker my thoughts on what he/she/they were doing.  Imagine my surprise when I  received a reply with a legit email address:

joycellu@hotmail.com to me:
“This is not your business. OK? Shut up. Are you idiot???”

I may well be an idiot in some instances.  This is not one of them.