1.  they cannot read your mind (shocking, I know, but true) thus, if you want something or want them to KNOW something, you must tell them. verbally – ladies, this is a good time to USE. YOUR. WORDS.

2.  actually saying “thank you” works wonders – again, look to no. 1 – they need to be told

3.  needing them vs. being “needy” is a huge distinction – that list of chores that need doing that only they can do? works a treat for their egos and makes them feel good.  the other?  not so much – in fact often the very opposite

4.  flattery is a good thing; within reason of course

5.  flirting in front of them with another is not (contrary to what romantic comedies would have us believe, this is not cute)

6.  generally speaking, being tired is just that – being TIRED (as opposed to bored, over, done, etc)

7.  if they start to leave stuff at your house, stuff like tools, books, cd’s, cufflinks, etc. that is a good thing

8. saying “no” is also a very good thing – but be sure you mean it and can stand behind it

I know most lists should have 10 points but this one doesn’t – guess that means I have so much more to learn


*  yes, this may be a user-specific list, but there are some pretty solid truths that work across the board …