I have debated about posting this and decided that yes, I should but in as clear a way as possible while still being vague

I don’t want to post the emails and the comments that have been causing me considerable anxiety – and I’m not talking about the comments of the  “you are LAME!” and “get over it!!” and “suck it up” and “you’re pretty, marry me for canadian citizenship?” and “Boring!” variety

I am talking about the emails and the comments of the crazy stalker I am following you and I know where you live and who walks your dog and where you work and have lunch, etc variety

seriously creepy stuff

I ignored them at first, thinking that they were of the first variety and I have had my share of those before

hi “Cissy”!

but then they got personal – like down to the colour of my lulu lemon hoodie and the fact that Maggie’s leash is bright pink personal

and I got scared

not scared for my life or physical safety or anything, but scared that someone was obviously watching or observing me in my “natural habitat” and was so bloody bored with their own life that they were taking time out of it to do it

not sure what, if anything, I am going to do about this, but I think that I may just take a break from here for a while and maybe this person will get bored and move along to torment someone else

I’m not going to publish any of the comments or emails but I HAVE saved them all, in hard copy and electronic form