jump into your  “way-back” machine to a time pre-internet and on-line dating, when swinging singles were at the mercy of newspaper personals …

In her post-college, pre-married life, “Sally” was sharing an apartment in Toronto with a rather plain girl, we’ll call her “Jane”.  After a slew of rather unfortunate dating experiences, Jane decided to answer an ad in the Toronto Star personals. 

While she was getting ready for her date, our friend Sally was left to man the door and keep Jane’s date occupied until such time as Jane was ready. The doorbell rang and Sally was greeted by a rather tall gentleman wearing a gorilla suit. 

Now Sally is not easily phased so of course she invited the man/gorilla guy in and offered him a drink while he waited, “perhaps a banana daiquiri?” 

They sat in the living room, chit-chatting, waiting for Jane to come out. 

She did. 

He got up, thanked Sally for the drink and left. 

guess the unfeeling asshat coward didn’t want to run the risk of being recognised … ever

*as told to me over lunch this afternoon by a colleague