confession:  I used to smoke

I know, GROSS, but I did, for a long, long time and quit, successfully, 4 years ago

yeah me!

that’s not to say I don’t miss it, because I do

I dream about smoking and it is always a lovely dream

but then I wake up, panicked, like it really happened and am completely disgusted with myself

smoking is gross. period. and it is lethal and addictive and dirty and smelly and absolutely BAD FOR YOU

but, and I mean this in a completely non-ironic way, when did it become cool again??

fewer and fewer movies are showing “good” characters smoking and for good reason – what woman of a certain age did not want to be Winona Ryder in “Reality Bites” right down to her chain-smoking ways??

a few short decades ago all the “cool” kids smoked – hell, my mother smoked en route to the delivery room with me! but now we know better – smoking is BAD

but here’s the thing:  has anyone else noticed how often “movie stars” are seen smoking while “off duty” – and it’s not just the bad-asses, either

Josh Duhamel, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston to name but a few

and isn’t Catherine Heigl “America’s Sweetheart” or some such crap?

well, she chuffs butts with the best of them

I don’t really have a point with this whole thing, it’s just something I have observed of late and wanted to put it out there