watched the season premier of “The Hills” last  night (yehs, I can admit that publicly) – left me really wanting to go to Paris and wondering if I was that stupid at 21.  Hand-stitching couture to wear to a club, only to burn it with a curling iron and then hiking the replacement dress up to cruise around on the back of a Vespa?

j’espere que non

also, just got the news that my last remaining single relative of my generation got himself engaged over the weekend.  Yup, that’s right – but for my 19 and 21 year old cousins (and they don’t count as they are still in university and not grownups yet) I am the last remaining unattached grandchild of Paul and Yvonne

yeah me

that said, I did have a lovely 4 day weekend, spending quality time with friends and Maggie and outdoing myself in the dinner department with grilled lamb sirloin (lemon, garlic, rosemary, fenugreek marinade), baby potatoes and asparagus for a special friend Saturday night “chez moi”

and now the count-down to 40 begins – target outfit chosen and goals set,  the next 8 weeks will be a challenge but I am ready

oh, and one more thing – I had a dream Sunday night that Jaime Oliver gave me a restaurant

Mr. Oliver, if you happen to be reading, THAT would be fabulous