and I am not talking about being like this guy:


I do my best to be as environmentally aware as I can – I don’t drive, I recycle, I use enviro-friendly cleaning products (yeah Method!!),  I keep all appliances unplugged when I can, buy and eat as locally and organically as I can, etc. – you know, pretty much what everyone else is trying to do these days

however, a couple of things about this whole “being green” thing are frustrating me at the moment, namely:

1.  just because I bring my own reusable shopping bags DOES NOT mean that I don’t want you to put my groceries in them for me, thus helping to move along the line in an efficient manner – as soon as I say “no bag for me thanks” the items just start a-piling up, waiting for me to get to the to put them in while at the same time trying to pay attention to the checkout gal/guy to ensure that I am not being over-charged and then paying for my stuff thus creating a bottle neck at the cash-out.  WholeFoods seems to have gotten their acts together and happily fills your own bags for you – what’s wrong with everyone else??

2.  elastic bands – seriously?  at last 5 make their way into our office each and every day holding our bundle of mail together.  multiply that by all of the offices in this 32 story building and then by 5 and then by 52 and that a crap-load of rubber bands!!!  where do they go?  can we recycle them??  can we give them back to Canada Post so that they can reuse them?  please tell me, I am really interested in the answer