last week I posted a picture of the adorable Gracie under the caption “Coming Soon”

and then she didn’t

here’s why:

a friend of mine is looking to adopt a dog; specifically a non-shedding, not a puppy, female dog.  and I am helping him find her – because we all know that she will be spending a fair amount of time in Maggie’s company so we have to make sure she is up to snuff

the process is proving to be both heartbreaking and disgusting

I found Gracie on a local website that was recommended to me form a friend who had found her mother’s fabulous new dog there.  I contacted the poster of the ad and we had long emails back and forth and chatted on the phone a few times.  what I gleaned from these conversations was that they owned the mum and wanted her to have one litter before having her spayed so they researched and got the “services” of a special poodle to be stud and then were the proud parents of 12 puppies.  Gracie had been placed with a couple but since they got her their living situation “changed” and they just didn’t have time for a puppy.  so they gave her back. 

fair enough – sounded just what we were/are looking for – an “older” female non-shedding puppy who needs a new home

what she didn’t tell me until after we had all gotten very excited about Gracie and the trip over to the island to get her and how much fun it was gong to be etc., was that she was charging $1,000 for her

add that to the fact that the family wasn’t even going to be there when we went to pick her up – we were to call he mother who was then going to bring us to their house where we could just take Gracie with us -after paying the $1,000 of course

she hadn’t met us, had only spoken to me on the phone – and I told her that Gracie would not be living with me, had not asked for any references, had not asked us to fill out any kind of application form and was willing to just let us take her

provided, of course, that we paid the $1,000

so all the garbage she was giving me about wanting Gracie to find the “right” home and what a special puppy she was and how they would love to keep her, etc. was just that – GARBAGE

and of course the ad for Gracie is still on the website, though this time the price is listed up-front

we are still looking for the right dog and I am sure we will find her – or that SHE will find US

after all, that’s how Maggie came to me …

and if you happen to know of a fabulous female older non-shedding pup who wants or needs a new and incredibly loving and wonderful home, let me know

happy Friday!