I had a craptastic weekend

stupid bloody knee went out on me I lost track of how many times it hurts so bloody much and that other internal issue I am blessed with?  the one that rhymes with mendrometriosis??  yeah, THAT was a rocking good time Friday and Saturday nights, and the call that was supposed to come on Sunday never came and yes, my phone is working just fine thanks and Maggie has somehow lost her one and only squishy toy – yes, she has a box FULL of toys but only cares about the one that has mysteriously gone missing so she is being all pouty thus making me feel guilty about being a bad doggie mum

and we didn’t get Gracie and that’s because basically people suck and are dishonest and are just out to make a buck (or one thousand bucks)

so yeah, I’m whining and generally feeling sorry for myself and hating life and even the Oscars weren’t able to shift my mood because they were BORING – more boring than usual, and I know that red is supposed to be a dramatic colour and all but if everyone else is wearing red then it too is BORING!!!!

happy f^&#ing Monday to one and all