• does defacing the Olympic Clock in downtown Vancouver thus requiring more security (read: EXPENSIVE) and a clean-up job (again, MORE money) seem counter-intuitive (not to mention just plain DUMB) to the edicts of the Anti Poverty people??  They are angry at the amount of money being spent by the government on the 2010 Olympics.  Fair enough.  But every time they do something in protest, they cause MORE money to be spent.  I don’t get that
  • does the fact that what caught my attention most about today’s provincial budget was that Carol Taylor was wearing a fab pair of green Fluevogs while delivering it make me shallow?
  • why is it that when I have money I don’t have time and when I have time I have no money?
  • should I get my hair cut to a shorter bob? I went for a “Parisian Face-Lift”* 2 weeks ago and now think I need to chop the back up several inches to go with the new “sophisticated” look

* there is a saying in France that goes something like this:  “In North America, women of a certain age get face-lifts.  In Paris, they get bangs”