Have you seen Music and Lyrics??  If not, DO!!  Seriously, I laughed myself silly and fell in love, once again, with Hugh Grant.  NOT the Hugh Grant of yore – all floppy hair and stuttering, charming the girls with his boyish charm, but the new Hugh – all craggy and full of self-deprecating humour, no longer taking himself seriously.  This new-found affection to the new Hugh got me thinking (FYI this is a profound as I get in the wee hours of the morning after lots of red wine and cheesy movies) about how my crushes have changed over time and how this is also reflected in the “real” men I am attracted to, and in some instances, am involved with.  Thus I present my imaginary boyfriends and, as has been pointed out to me but not a few people, they may well bear more than a fleeting resemblance  to someone else …