I have discussed my “issues” surrounding weight and food and body image on this blog from time to time – not all that often as it is something that I don’t care to dwell on, but it has come up

here are MY facts:  I am 39 years old, 40 in just over 3 months, and I still have HUGE issues with food and body image – at 5’9 or 10 (depending on who is doing the measuring) I am by no means a small woman.  At my very heaviest I weighed in at 232 pounds and at my adult smallest (about 2 years ago) at 150  – and that was NOT healthy for me

these days I sit slightly higher than I would like to and do still have moments where I obsess about it, but (thankfully) not too often anymore – I have almost learned to separate my self-worth from my dress size and to accept myself as I am


oh sure I get frustrated at times when I can’t find the right dress in the right size (I live in a city where the median size that the stores market to is a 4 – that is not to say that the median size of women in Vancouver is a 4, just the market that the stores are targeting) and of course I would like to once and for all ditch that last pesky 15 or 2o that seem to have settled on me, but generally speaking I am ok with it and confident in the fact that I am in better shape than 95% of the people out there and happen to have fabulous hair

 and then they go and make shows like this one except that it is for women getting married and who are stupid enough to buy their dress too small and want to fit into the damn thing in 6 weeks or less

I know brides want to look their best when they get married and it is their “big day” and their chance to be a princess etc., etc., etc., but I mean come on – who in their right mind spends $5,000 to $25,000 (or more) on dress that DOES NOT FIT??? And even if you do, why are you in such a panic just before your wedding because you haven’t managed to loose any weight (and in some instances, GAINED weight)???  If I were ever stupid enough to spend that kind of money on dress and it didn’t fit, you can be absolutely sure that I would be working at getting myself into that damn thing right away.

I have the same kind of disbelief about those contestants on shows like the biggest looser and x-weighted – if I were on television being broadcast to millions of people and was given a personal trainer and my own nutritionist and had nothing to do all day but focus on getting in shape?  you can believe that I would get my sorry ass in shape but quick

but I digress

this Saturday I came across an episode of the Wedding Boot-camp on Slice and thought I was at the end – the bride in question looked pretty near perfect to me – a normal looking  and quite pretty young woman – but I was wrong – at 5’8 and 150 pounds (37, 28 38) she was FAT and HUGE and had SERIOUS TROUBLE AREAS and her dress was in no way going to fit her and wow she had TONS OF WORK to do to make sure this hideous mess of obesity was not walking down the aisle in 6 weeks time

if she’s huge and obese, well just call me Shamu and we’ll call it a day

happy monday!

 p.s. I forot to write the best part – at the end when they show the fabulous bride in her fabulous (I thought it was tacky, but whatever) dress that now FITS, they also showed her new husband – AND I KNOW HIM!!! he used to work in the office services department at the company where I used to work