I realise that I live in Vancouver and that snow is not all that common (there goes that Myth about Canada being frozen 90% of the year).  However, we DO get snow and this winter has been especially rife with the white stuff

Coming from Montreal Vancouver’s general reaction, and especially that of the transit companies,  is usually a great source of amusement to me – I mean who has ever heard of urchasing an ENTIRE FLEET of new busses that DO NOT WORK in snow???  We live in CANADA for crying out loud!!!!!


But NOT last night. 

Last night we got hit with a surprise snow fall which made the commute home rather interesting.  Luckily I had a ride (I wasn’t exactly dressed for it – business suit, 4-inch black patent ankle boots, no hat  or gloves) but we were only able to make it part way up the hill due to a combination of heavy traffic, snow/slush and the rather steep angle we got stopped on due to the aforementioned heavy (READ: stupid driver people) traffic. 

We made what I thought to be a sensible decision:  turn off Cap Road, head to Edgemont Village, have a cup of tea to kill the 25 minutes for the bus to come and I would take the bust the rest of the way up the hill – I live at the near-top of a large hill right in the middle of a snow-belt, pretty much at the base, or at least within a 10 minute walk to, of a ski hill. 

Seems sensible, no? Well, after sending my companion on his merry way home, I wandered on over to join the 9 or 10 other happy souls waiting for the bus.  And we waited. And we waited. And then we waited some more.  And by this time it was no longer snowing, but POURING rain.   

Bloody lovely 

Finally, 25 minutes late, the bus showed up only to announce to the wet and cold rats waiting for it that he was not continuing up the hill and that in fact BC Transit had pulled all busses off the hil. 

Again, BLOODY lovely 

So I walked.  For over an hour, up the hill, through the slush, on sidewalks that had not been cleared, in my very weather appropriate attire The kicker?  By the time we made it out of the Village and to Cap Road, the rain had cleared all the snow and the road was perfectly FINE 

The upside top this story, and there is actually TWO, is that: 

  1. just as I reached my driveway, a Lexus SUV driving gentleman who had passed me on my street actually stopped, backed up, rolled down his window and asked: “can I give you a ride up the hill?  Those boots aren’t going to get you anywhere”
  2. the aforementioned boots?  Kept my poor little feet BONE DRY