lent is one of the last vestiges of Catholicism that I cling to – the pancake eating being no small part of this

for those non-churchgoers out there, in a nutshell lent is the season leading up to Easter wherein one indulges on shrove tuesday (today) and then “gives up” something for the nest 40 days (plus Sundays) as an act of contrition of sorts

sounds fun, doesn’t it

in any event, I will be indulging in the pancake (or crepe as the case may be) portion of the season this evening but have yet to make a decision as to what to give up

in the past I have given up cigarettes (4 years ago, yeah me!), chocolate, swearing, alcohol (yeah, THAT was a fun time), etc.

I am completely uninspired this year and am looking for (hopefully) helpful suggestions

keep in mind that I do actually take this seriously, so what I give up must be a. worthwhile and b. doable and c. I don’t much like repeats

p.s. celibacy has already been considered-and rejected