continuing along the same line as my previous post, wherein I claimed to have figured it out, almost

my exciting weekend plans included painting my living room and then clearing it of furniture as my lovely (and much anticipated) floors are being installed today.  right this minute. yes I am excited

sounds like fun, no?

and to make matters even MORE exciting (if that is at all possible), I came down with a rotten flu on Thursday night, complete with high fever, chills, shakes, funny dreams, etc.

fun times

and of course I blamed Him, as he came down with the same flu earlier in the week and was kind enough to share his germs with me – ok, so maybe he did so while kindly meeting me at the paint store and helping me choose colours and transport the stuff home when he really should have been in bed, but whatever, that’s not the point

the point is that I had (have) the flu and it sucked

and I still had to paint as it had to be done BEFORE the lovely new floors were installed

have I mentioned that they are being installed today?  and that I am excited about that?? and that I can’t wait to get home and see what they look like???

 any, I digress … back to my earth-shatteringly exciting weekend full of fun activities -like watching paint dry, literally

most of Saturday was spent horizontal, but for the odd jaunt outside for the benefit of the Princess (the furry one, NOT me), so all of the painting etc. had to accomplished on Sunday

and it was

and the fact that I should never count on anyone but myself was hammered home yet again as the offered (NOT asked for, but offered) help and offered delivery of coffee/lunch did not materialise

and the one person that I have come to expect to disappoint me, didn’t – instead, where others chose to make me an option, he made me a priority

and that, at the end of the day, is what matters

(that, and the fact that when I get home tonight there will be FABULOUS. NEW. FLOORS. in my apartment!!)