I may have discussed my love of tacky teen drama here before – and if I could be bothered, I would search for all mentions of said addiction and put handy links to them here, but I can’t be bothered (aside: one of my resolutions for 2008? To be as lazy as possible; followed closely by eating crap and gaining weight – I don’t like failure, so why set myself up?) 

Anyway, last night found me curled up on the couch in my uber-cute skating Scottie dog PJ’s, sipping (swilling??) red wine, eating the Pad Thai I made for Saturday’s dinner (which, by the way, was totally awesome!) and watching Gossip Girl.  Love! Love! Love! This show!!!

(another resolution? Abusing! Punctuation!! Marks!!!  ESPECIALLY! Exclamation! Marks!!!!!) 

Which in turn found me obsessing over Serena van der Woodsen, aka Blake Lively and her Fabulous! hair and Enviable! wardrobe and Killer! pipes … 

And then snapped myself back in to reality with a  




And then realised that I totally don’t care and returned to revelling in the world of the Basses and Waldorfs and van der Woodsens et al

The Hills starts up again soon, right?  I mean a girl needs variety in her life after all